Chemical dependency affects every aspect of a person’s life.  Therefore, everything we do at WINGS is a part of the treatment and rehabilitation process.  Group therapy, individual counseling, lectures, and 12 step meetings are the most obvious parts of the process.  But recreation time, daily chores, personal time, etc. are equally as significant.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and understandings they need to live happy and purposeful lives in the mainstream.  Consequently, recreation is more than just fun activities; it is also a time to learn how to interact with others appropriately, and how to have fun with without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Daily chores are required to keep our facilities clean and in good order, but they are also an opportunity to learn personal responsibility, develop self-discipline, and experience pride in doing a job well.

The Daily Schedule is more than a listing of times, it is also a vital element in helping our clients develop a daily routine and teaches them how to be respectful of others by practicing punctuality.