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When families find themselves dealing with addiction, it is difficult to know where to turn, or to know when there is a problem. You’ve come to the right place…

Welcome to WINGS! We are an adolescent treatment center who focuses on a wide range of drug and alcohol problems for males and females and offers support, resources and encouragement for their families.

The process begins with admission and continues through daily growth for the rest of their lives. In their stay at WINGS, we first employ a variety of methods (interviews, personal observation, chemical dependency assessments, etc.) to identify and evaluate each person’s individual needs. Once these have been determined, an individual treatment plan is drawn up, containing a strategy for addressing each area. During the remainder of their stay at WINGS, this treatment plan is carried out through one-on-one counseling with professionally licensed counselors, group therapy, interaction with their peers, participation in 12 step meetings, reading assignments, writing assignments, recreation time, educational lectures and videos, and more.

The final phase of your child’s stay at WINGS involves the creation of an aftercare plan designed to help them continue using and perfecting the tools and daily living skills they have received and employed during their stay with us. The aftercare plan thoughtfully identifies the issues they will face following their discharge, and then plots a strategy for long term sobriety and improved mental health upon return home.

At WINGS we are not just here to educate on the issues of continued substance abuse, we also consider our program to be “life support” for our clients, as we address a variety of subjects that impact their lives and give them the tools that they need to make sound judgments, improve communication, solidify goals and continue their education while receiving treatment.


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