The following forms
ONLY need to be filled out 


*Mantoux/Free of Communicable Disease  

*Release of Information



*Information for Placing Agencies


   Admission Process

The first step in the admission process is for the referring agency/parent to fax or email us a copy of the most recent Chemical Dependency Assessment, a Diagnostic Assessment or any other type of assessment that has been done on the client. 

Once received our clinical staff will review the information to make sure that we are the appropriate placement for the client.  If we feel the client is appropriate for WINGS, we will call you to set up an intake date and time.

You must call 320-593-0440 x10 and schedule an Admission appointment.  Admission are scheduled Monday - Thursday.  We do not do admission on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or on Holidays.  Unfortunately we do not Accept walk-ins. 

Click on the link on the right to see what you can and cannot to bring with to admission


It is very important that you arrive on time for your Admission or you risk not being admitted!

Having the family here at the time of admission is very beneficial for families, as much information is covered during that process.  However, we understand the sometimes it is not always possible for the family to be here due to different circumstances.  In the event that the family cannot be here for the admission, we ask that the Admission Packet be filled out, signed and sent with your child at admission time. 

The State of Minnesota mandates that all clients have a physical. A physical prior to admission is required if you do not not have insurance or county funding. If you have recently had a physical (within the last 30 days) please bring it with on the day of admission. 

Clients with Insurance have the option of having a physical done prior to coming into WINGS or we can schedule one for you after your arrival. Costs associated with the physical not covered by your insurance company will be your responsibility! (ex. deductibles, co-pays etc). 

If you are having a physical prior to admission at WINGS, Please Print out the  Physical and Mantoux forms found on the right side of the page antake the forms with you to your Doctor appointment and return either via fax (320-593-0442) or bring with the day of admission.  Reminder: It is not necessary to have a physical prior to coming to WINGS, unless you do not have any medial insurance