WINGS was my potting soil so I could start to grow my roots. And now I am a strong tree.


My daughter attended Wings Adolescent Treatment Center, a dual diagnosis program. She is currently 90 days sober. Thanks to this wonderful program! I can't even believe how amazing this program was. My daughter had attended a few other programs the past year and nothing even came close. To start off the staff is out of this world from day one all the way to the end. Very nice, professional. positive group of people. After leaving the facility she still has contact with all of the staff. The facility is great, it feels like home my daughter said compared to all of the other places. There is a great cook who cooks homemade meals every day, there is artwork, couches, a nice bedroom, bathrooms were nice. A lot of the other places were in basements and were cold and dreary. Makes getting sober so much better. It really feels like a family there everyone works together. They offered so many great programs while being there, they attended school, went to surrounding cities for outdoor activities, played outside on the basketball courts, they got out each day which is great. As the program was coming to an end, they helped get everything set up for life after this program. They set up all of her groups, schooling, counseling, therapy everything. The drive Is 2 hours away from where we live and I drove up there religiously every week because I could tell this program was really working,
I can't say enough good things about Wings! I will continue to recommend this to everyone going through this situation


I’ve been to a couple different treatment centers, this by far was the on the top next to teen challenge. Grace was my counselor, she changed my life, helped me dig deep and truly work on healing what needs healing. She’s the best! Always made time for me no matter how many times a bugged her, which made a huge difference. She really helped me with my confidence. Number one thing I wish they would change is passes or visits outside the treatment center. Transition stage or something. But overall a great place. 10/10 because of grace!


My counselor Grace was the best I could’ve asked for! Along with amazing staff! Sheryl and Allyson and Katie and Kortney, the list just goes on and on! Can’t forget about Greg’s recovery mentoring!! Wings gave me my second chance at life and I’m so grateful!


I still have the blanket they gave me from 6 years ago. When I’m feeling down, I read their messages of hope. Great memories. Not sure if Wiley is still there, but he was the best counselor. ❤️


If you or anyone you know is struggling, I wouldn’t go anywhere else other than wings. Kailly and Dodi were my counselors. This was a temporary stay, but they have forever changed my life and left a mark on my heart. I don’t know where I’d be without all the amazing staff (ESPECIALLY) grandma Sheryl, Kortney, Greg, etc. along with every counselor there. Even if they drove me nuts, they all have taught me something I will never forget. I not only appreciate these people but will always love them. if you need a second chance wings is definitely the place to go. Thank you and miss you all!


My son was at Wings for 81 days. All of the staff is great. My son’s counselor Dodi was I’m incredible. She was able to get him to settle in and participate in activities. The work they do here with these teenagers is great. I always received return phone calls in a timely manner and were always able answer my questions. I am extremely thankful for the staff in this program


I had an amazing experience at wings. They helped me in various ways not only with my chemical dependency but mental health as well. I am so thankful to have my life back. The tech’s, staff and counselors are amazing. Shout out to DODI! ❤️


This place helped me a lot, the staff go out of their way to help you out, the food is great although the meals get a little bit repetitive. My counselor went the extra mile to help set me up for the rest of my life. There's a lot of structure which makes it frustrating at times but it also helps a lot too. The teacher helps everyone at a personalized level to make they actually meet your needs. There is also a decent amount of recreational activities that make it more fun. I also started some of the realest friendships I've ever had and learned how to maintain healthy relationships with them and others. Overall, I recommend this place to anyone in need of treatment.


I had a very good time there I loved all the staff there they were very supportive my counselor would talk to me when I was not having a good day somehow she always knew but i never use to have someone to talk to and she showed me that it’s always good to talk about your problems shout out to grace i hope she reaches her goals she helped me reach mine going to miss all the staff an counselors i never thought i could go sober an stay out of trouble but I'm doing it on my own an it honestly feels good staying out of trouble


As a client coming out of wings, I think that Wings is one of the best treatment centers out there! Wings has helped me in more ways than any one can imagine, I'm myself again. The counselors there are all Amazing, the tech staff are fantastic. I would go there before going any other place!!


This place gave me a second chance to change my life around and taught me so much. I love everyone who supported me staff, peers etc. you guys have made a big impact on me I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for wings, . Like honestly you guys show how much you care for each person that comes in and it’s really welcoming :) I miss being there and hope to share sometime wings keep being awesome and have a good day.

Wiley you are the man


Fantastic place to grow! My son had an addiction, and we thought he was lost for worst, but this place made him reconsider his life decisions.



These people (director, therapists, staff) love what they do. They genuinely care about you and your future and continue to do so long after you leave. I can’t even express how blessed I am to have crossed paths and been taught so much by Wiley, Kailly, Dodi, grace, Sheryl, Kortney, Sheri, and so many others :) They really did give me the strength, hope, and knowledge I needed for a second chance at my future and for that I am endlessly grateful. If you or someone you know is in need of help look no further! As long as you keep an open mind & you’re willing to do the work you will succeed. Thank you all for everything (especially the priceless memories and friendships) Looking back, I would do it over again a million times. ❤️

My time there is where I learned a lot of things about myself not by myself but with my counselor Grace who lead me on this amazing journey to find that I was really an addict and had a lot of trouble in the past and need help????


Wings is a truly amazing treatment center. I went to Wings when I was 14 years old after going to two other treatment centers I have to say Wings change my life the caring staff and the amazing program truly changed my mindset and my outlook on life I would recommend Wings to anybody who is struggling with addiction I am thankful every day for the things I learned from the counselors and the staff they really care and want better for you and your life. 5 years later I am in an amazing place in my life and I have to think wings for showing me it's possible.


I’ve never seen so many helpful people as I’ve seen at Wings Adolescent Treatment Center. It’s amazing. The staff there make going to treat an enjoyable experience. The programs there are great and really helpful but it’s the staff that makes all the difference. Everything any of them can do to help you out they are more than happy to do. If you are having a bad day someone is always there to cheer you up or help you work through whatever problem is bringing you down. They really show you that you can have fun when you’re sober and that’s a pretty great thing to do. When I was on drugs, I didn’t really think I could have a good time when I was sober and so never really wanted to get clean. Seeing all the people at Wings Adolescent Treatment Center really, truly enjoying themselves and the life they are creating changed something for me and I really saw how much better my life would be without drugs which turned into a willingness to get clean and sober. That willingness changed my life.