Our philosophy is based on our belief that effective treatment requires:

*An individualized model

*A variety of treatment approach options

*An interdisciplinary staff

*A willingness to allow each client to find his/her way in  recovery

*Allowing the client to experience safety, significance, and belonging

*Strong family and continuing care components

At WINGS we are not just here to educate on the issues of continued substance abuse, we also consider our program to be “life support” for our clients.  We address a variety of subjects that impact their lives and give them the tools that they need to make sound judgments, improve communication, develop values, solidify goals, gain self-confidence, and continue their education while receiving treatment. 

We understand the impact mental health and trauma can have on addiction and seek to address these areas accordingly. WINGS strive to assist clients and their families in breaking the stigmas related to mental illness through education.  WINGS believes all clients can grow when presented with the right resources and support systems.  WINGS takes an integrated approach to assisting those with mental illness by providing education and encouragement focused on betterment of mind, body and spirit.

 WINGS believes in a trauma informed approach to treatment planning and addressing behaviors.  WINGS seeks to identify signs and symptoms of trauma and understanding potential paths for recovery.  WINGS empowers clients to work through problems, heal damage they may have caused within relationships, and build self-worth through continued experiences of success.   

 WINGS educates clients on the importance of 5 key principles including safety, trustworthiness and transparency, peer support, participation and collaboration, and empowerment- voice and choice.  

 WINGS also educates clients on the mind/body connection and incorporates yoga practices into weekly routine.


  • Collateral Information 

WINGS will need to obtain collateral information on each potential client.  This information is usually a Chemical Dependency Assessment, Mental Health Assessment (commonly called a Diagnostic Assessment) or a Rule 25 Assessment.  These are completed by licensed professional.

  • What is a Assessment/Rule 25?

An Assessment/Rule 25 is an interview with a Licensed Professional that is designed to assess an individual substance use history to determine what level of care would best meet the individual's needs.  Rule 25 assessments are only valid for 45 days, after which time an update is required.  

If you have not had any type of assessment completed, Wings will also do a Rule 25 assessment, however we do charge to have this done. It will be your responsibility to submit those charges to your insurance company. 

  • What do I do after the assessment is completed?

Once the assessment has been completed, have your Rule 25 assessor fax (320-593-0442) or email the assessment to info@wingsats.comOnce your assessment has been received by WINGS it typically takes 2-3 business day for our clinical staff to review the information. 

  • Is there any other information I should send to WINGS?

Please send Referral Application Form (click on the link to open the form and print a copy) along with a copy of the most recent CD assessment and a copy of a Diagnostic assessment if one has been done.

Please fax this information to WINGS at 320-593-0442 or E-mail to 


After reviewing your assessment and the clinical staff has made a determination if you are appropriate for the WINGS program, our staff will contact you to schedule a phone interview.  The interview is an additional screening tool that we use to determine if our services can meet your needs.  It is VERY important that your contact number is on the referral information and current.