Mattie Baumgartner: MS, BA - Administrator










Mattie is the Administrator of WINGS . Mattie has 40 plus years of experience in the addiction/mental health field.  She holds a BS degrees in Psychology and Vocational Rehabilitation with a Masters in Management.  

Mattie has worked with adolescents and adults in multiple inpatient and outpatient settings, including Regional Treatment Centers, and several privately-owned centers. 

It is her pleasure to see that every effort is made to provide quality treatment experiences and the tools necessary for a successful recovery. Mattie looks forward to meeting you.

Mary Lou Rolfe –Assistant Administrator











Mary Lou has been with WINGS since the program opened in 2007 and brings 20 plus years of Administrative experience to the team.  Mary oversees all the administrative functions in the office as Office Manager.  Mary holds many responsibilities as our Office Manager, she directly handles all financial matters such as client Insurance billing, accounts payable/receivable, collections and helps to ensure the facility runs smoothly.  

She has extensive knowledge about our Program and can assist you with questions about our program such as:  what is needed for placement, Insurance/Funding questions and other program questions you may have.  She will also help guide you with, what your child can and cannot bring to admission, visitation times, rules at the facility, what a typical day consists of day and other general questions. 

Mary provides great customer service along with contributing to help build a great team at WINGS.  Mary enjoys helping families feel comfortable with their choice to choose WINGS and looks forward to working with you. 


Wylie Boehmlehner:  BA, LADC - Program Director 










Wylie has over 7 years of experience providing counseling and support services to adolescents in recovery.  He also has over 8 years of experience in business management.  He earned his bachelor’s degree at St Cloud State University and earned a chemical health counseling certification at Ridgewater College.

Wylie uses a combination of DBT, motivational interviewing, and strength based techniques.  He provides a safe place that is judgment free for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experience. He encourages clients to find themselves and what makes them amazing.

Wylie believes in putting people first and has a passion for helping others.  He encourages consistent self care and continued career development for the staff he supports. Wylie strives to set a high standard of care not only for himself, but also for the team that he leads and the agency he supports.  


Jon Forsythe – Public Relations












Jon has been with WINGS since our doors first opened way back in 2007.

He held a variety of positions during our first 2 years but since 2010 he has been our Outreach Director. Jon is often out of the office, meeting with County workers and Probation Officers or attending networking meetings and Conferences throughout the state. This travel enables Jon to spread the word about our great program and ensures that adolescents throughout the state have the opportunity to work on their recovery right here at WINGS



 Jennifer Bauer: M.S., LPCC - Mental Health Therapist

Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Northern Michigan University in 2011.  Jennifer continued her education earning a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology form St. Cloud State University in 2013.  She is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)

Jennifer has experience working in multiple treatment settings including Adult day treatment, and in home family therapy. 

Jennifers areas of special interest include depression, anxiety, non-suicidal self injury, domestic violence, and trauma.

Jennifer uses a variety of therapeutic techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Strength based psychology.

Jennifer has a passion for working with adolescents.  She strongly believes that with adequate support, intervention, and tools that children can become resilient and overcome barriers to more toward healthy growth and achieve positive and lasting change in their lives. 



Hannah Anders - BS, ADC-T  -Female Counselor 











Hannah received her Associates of Arts Degree and Chemical Dependency Certificate through Ridgewater College in May 2016.

Hannah graduated from St. Cloud State University with her BSW in Social Work in December 2018. She completed her internship through an outpatient chemical dependency setting. Hannah has 8 years of experience working with vulnerable populations.

Hannah takes a person-centered approach utilizing motivational interviewing-based techniques to help clients overcome their ambivalence towards change. Hannah believes the most important piece of counseling is developing a strong rapport while creating a safe and judgement free space for clients to express themselves.

Hannah’s area of interest includes resilience, shame, and promoting healthy self-esteem and identity development.




Megan Casey -  LADC - Male Counselor












Megan obtained her Associates of Arts and Chemical Dependency Certification in May of 2019. 

Megan completed her Chemical Dependency Certification in May 2019 and obtained her Bachelors of Arts in both Psychology and Organizational Leadership in 2020. Megan plans to continue working towards obtaining her Masters of Clinical Counseling in 2022.

Additionally, she brings 2 years of  Chemical Dependency Counseling experience and 5 years of working with vulnerable populations.  Megan spent time working with adults in an outpatient setting and over a year working with adolescents in an outpatient setting.

Megan uses a combination of Motivational Interviewing and Strengths Based techniques to help the clients overcome their personal challenges.  

She offers careful and compassionate counseling with a focus on understanding each client and their individual needs. 

Megan’s great passion is to help guide clients in healing and overcoming the challenges that come with trauma and or substance abuse during childhood.  


ReAnna Litzau - BSW, LADC   Client Intake











ReAnna attended Ridgewater College and received her Associates of Arts degree along with her Chemical Dependency Certificate in May 2016. She graduated from the College of St. Scholastica earning her BSW and is now working toward her MSW.  ReAnna has worked with adolescents in the chemical dependency field and has also has experience working with adults in an outpatient chemical dependency setting.  

ReAnna takes a person-centered approach with the clients she works with and believes in providing a safe and confidential environment for clients to work on their recovery. ReAnna strongly believes in the client’s success and shows genuine concern and dedication to the recovery of all WINGS clients. ReAnna is always available to listen to the clients and their families. ReAnna takes pride in keeping the safety and best interest of the clients first and foremost along with her ability to make sound and ethical decisions. ReAnna also values being a positive and reliable team player.



Beth Tepfer - RN





 Connie Runke - LPN











Connie started at WINGS as a Tech staff in 2016.  She loved into the nursing role in June of 2018.  Connie has been a nurse since 1982 and has worked in multiple medicals disciplines.

Connie is committed to coordinating individual medically services for each client through input from clients, staff, counselors, and parents.

She feels providing education through weekly nurse lecture on subjects such as personal hygiene, smoking cessation, growth and development, nutrition and mental health is vital for client success after discharge. 

Healthy Children are able to learn, grow, and develop


Kateri Kormann - BA, RYT, CD(DONA), Yoga Calm, Yoga Instructor











Kateri recently joined the WINGS team as a registered yoga teacher.  She has 20 plus years of yoga experience and has owned Open Sole Yoga since 2014.

She is passionate about creating the space for transformation from the inside out by connecting the minds, mind and breath.



Cassandra Tomoson











Cassy is our Recovery Support Coordinator. Her role on our team is to provide detailed aftercare for adolescents to have a successful recovery. She graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies in 2016. Cassy has several years of experience working in special education and healthcare.


She believes that everyone deserves to live their best life; and is here to help clients find their greatest potential in recovery. Cassy is happy to provide a listening ear without judgement and allows clients to express their plans and interest to gain their highest potential in recovery.




Sheryl Krueger – CD Technician








Sheryl has been a part of the Wings team since October 1, 2008.  She came with 15 years experience working with male adolescents at another facility. 

Sheryl has a strong passion of keeping the clients safe, cared for and supported during their stay at Wings.  

Sheryl works has to gain the trust of clients and making their stay at Wings, away from their families as comfortable as possible while helping them follow the rules and gain responsibility, self worth, strength and patience. 


Allyson Haring – Residential Coordinator








Allyson has been employed with Wings since 2011.  She has a passion for working with adolescents and making their stay at Wings an enjoyable and positive experience.  

Allyson feels her purpose at Wings is to make sure every person knows they have a chance at recovery and deserves to be happy.  For whatever reason they are at Wings, there is hope, and we never give up because they are worth it and we care.


Kortney Haaf - Residential Manager




Greg McCormick -  Recovery Mentor










Greg has been part of the Wings team since April 2018.  Greg has a passion for working with adolescents, giving them a safe place to learn and grow.

Greg's purpose at wings - share his experience, strength and hope of recovery.  Lead by example while mentoring kids in need. 




Karla Rick - Teacher








Karla has taught at Wings since it opened.  She has 20+ years of teaching experience.  She received her bachelors degree from St. Cloud State University in the are of Special Education.  Karla received an Educational Leadership Masters Degree from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.  While there she also completed all coursework for a K-12 Principal licensure program.

Karla Strongly believes that every student has ability and the potential to do great things.  She adjusts coursework to teach students needs and ability level.  She does not let students fail.  She works cooperatively with the counseling team to create the best possible experience for the students while at Wings


Holly Cottington - Paraprofessional