About us

WINGS opened in August 2007, as a residential treatment program for adolescents, ages 13 through 18.  We are located 70 miles west of Minneapolis, in Litchfield, Minnesota.  Licensed by the State of Minnesota, through the Department of Health and Human Services, we can accommodate 20 residents (10 male and 10 female).  The length of stay varies for each client, and is tailored to meet client needs. We are an "open ended" program, our clients stay is based on their individual mental and chemical health needs.

What sets WINGS apart is our facility and our philosophy.  When you come to our program, you will notice that it looks more like a large house rather than a treatment center. We center everything around encouragement and the concept of 'family' - we provide care to our clients and their families while they are active in treatment with us. Once you have come to our program, we consider you to be part of the WINGS family, and we gladly continue to provide support for as long as we are needed.


Our devoted, highly skilled and credentialed staff makes us one of the finest adolescent treatment centers in the country.  We employ a dually-licensed staff with both addiction and mental health training and licensees, and help clients and their families to understand how mental and chemical health issues are often linked together, and how this can complicate recovery if both aspects are addressed.

Our philosophy is based on our belief that effective treatment requires:

  • An individualized model of treatment for every child

  • A strong education on the individual's mental and chemical health diagnosis
  • An interdisciplinary staff to address the needs present in each child and family

  • A willingness to allow each client to find him/her way in recovery

  • Strong family and continuing care components

Each treatment plan is individualized and designed to meet the specific needs of that person.  Since addiction influences every aspect of a person’s life, our approach ensures that no aspect is overlooked.  Our professional multidisciplinary team employs a variety of clinical modalities to ensure the best possible outcome for each of our clients, such as DBT, CBT, and trauma-focused/informed care.

If you are in need of a chemical dependency and mental health treatment program for your son or daughter you have come to the right place.  Please feel free to Contact us.  We want to help in any way possible!