WINGS has an excellent Education Department, housed within our facility, with a Licensed Special Education Teacher on staff.  Our Education Department works with all of our inpatient clients, in a school classroom setting, each day Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm.  This ensures that they do not fall behind in their schoolwork while at Wings, and if they are behind when they arrive, we make every effort to help them to catch up during their time with us.

Our Education Department meets each student exactly where they are at in their education.  We use a variety of educational techniques, allowing us to be responsive to the particular learning style of each student.  Independent studies are also available, and these are classes offered year-round.

Upon completion of their stay at WINGS, all class hours are credited back to their resident home school

Request for school records must be made directly to the MASWECO teacher, 
school records are not the property of WINGS nor do we have access to them. 

Please request them by calling 320-593-0440 ext. 23.